Mac Software Discovery: Zooom/2

I just found an awesome program for the Mac called Zooom/2.  This is essentially the combination of two of my favorite Windows utilities, KDE Mouse and allSnap.  Briefly, KDE Mouse lets you move and resize windows without having to position the mouse right over the title bar or resize handles.  AllSnap makes windows stick to the edges of other windows, or the edges of the screen.

Zooom/2 combines these features into one package.  This is especially useful on the Mac because Macs have little tiny resize handles down in the bottom-right corner of every window, and that’s not always the most convenient place for resizing.

I just downloaded the trial version of this program, and so far I think I’m in love :)  I’m pretty sure I’ll be spending the $15 to get the full version at the end of the trial period.

If anyone is interested, here are screen shots of my preferences:

Zooom/2 Preferences: GeneralZooom/2 Preferences: Magnetics

One Response to “Mac Software Discovery: Zooom/2”

  1. Ruben says:

    Every few months I download this application and install it on my MacBook Pro to see if it works, but it never does and I uninstall it. None of the features have ever worked, I’ve even checked the “Enable access for assistance devices” in System Preferences and my system works in the exact same way it did before installing it. Oh well.