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Xcode 7 UI Testing: A Little Adventure

Sunday, October 4th, 2015

One of the big features announced for developers at this year’s WWDC event was automated UI testing. This is something I think all developers should be doing in some capacity, whether with Apple’s tool or something else.

In iOS land, we’ve been able to do this for a while with the Automation instrument. But the tests were in JavaScript (not Objective-C or Swift), and had to be executed separately from normal unit tests.

I was excited to see that Xcode 7 would include a test recorder that could generate test code in the same language as my app. I just got done kicking the tires (better late than never), and the results were… mixed. I want to record my results here while they’re fresh in my mind in case anybody else runs into the same issues I did (including my future self).