Pipes (iPhone)

January 16th, 2009 2:26 AM PST
Updated October 9th, 2013 2:07 PM PDT

Pipes on the iPhone

Rotate the pipe segments to connect all the pieces. Easy to learn and very addictive.


  • Randomly generated puzzles – never the same game twice
  • Multiple board sizes ranging from “Training Wheels” (4×4) to Mega Insane (56×70)
  • Wraparound option (also known as “without walls” or “endless”)
  • “One color” option – when enabled, all pipes are blue, making it harder to tell which ones are connected
  • Zoom and scroll using familiar iPhone/iPod Touch gestures
  • Auto save and resume – never lose your place, even if someone calls in the middle of your game
  • Timer (can be disabled if you want a more relaxing game)
  • Every puzzle can be solved
  • Online leaderboard – compare your best times to other players around the world
  • Offline “personal best times” – try to beat your best times
  • Can lock solved pieces in place
  • Tutorial on how to play and basic strategies

How to get it

Go to the iPhone/iPod Touch App Store to buy the full version, or to try the free lite version.

(App Store links will open in iTunes)

Gameplay Video

35 Responses to “Pipes (iPhone)”

  1. el mako says:

    Have you thought about porting the version 1.4 to j2me?

  2. McDonna says:

    are the “online scores” available online via the web? or just from the iPhone/Touch?

  3. Nyimnah says:

    Have you considered aside from publishing a list of online scores on the web, also making a version of the game that is playable as a separate pc game or as a browser game? with its endless and always varying boards it’s the perfect game for that. And different from most other pipeline-style games in that it has the need to connect all ends of the puzzle together. I think it has potential for more than just iphone based.

  4. Greg says:


    I like the game ‘Pipes’ very much!

    But I really would appreciate a different online high score list:
    Only one entry for every user/account and mode with his best time and it’s record date.

    It’s really boring to see 75 times ‘MagicMvL’, 52 times ‘Hueg’, 45 times ‘Sonya’
    and so on.

    And faked times of 0:00.736 or even 00:-2:-392 can’t be welcome.

    How to handle only one account?

    If Pipes is installed/running the first time an internal (persistent) variable (let’s call it user-id)
    is set to default (0 or -1 or something like this).
    If a high score is submitted the mode (wrap-around, one-color, size), the time, the name
    AND the user-id is sent to the server. If user-id is the default the server generates a unique number
    and returns this to the app which will persist it as the new user-id.
    From this moment on the submitted times (and perhaps changing names) of the one user/iphone
    could be related to each other (and only the best will be stored) and so the high score list
    could contain only one entry (per mode) and user-id.

    I hope you like the idea and I’m looking forward for the next version of the app and the
    new online high score list. 🙂

    Best regards

    • Hey, thanks for the comments 🙂

      I’ve actually been thinking about making some of the changes you suggested. I don’t like seeing 1-2 people filling up the whole top 100 list either. I don’t want to lock it to one account per phone, though. Some people like to hand their phone off to a friend or other people, and in that case it’s nice to be able to just type in a different name. If I do a one-entry-per-person limit, I’ll just do it by name. It won’t be 100% perfect, but it’ll keep things nice and simple.

      I also thought about adding an option to view the all-time bests, or just the ones from the past week.

      Some other ideas I’ve had (and these are just ideas; I’m not committing to them just yet 🙂 ) were to add a friends list and some sort of challenge system (“I just beat this puzzle in ____, let’s see if you can beat the same one any faster”). I’ve been playing Bejeweled Blitz quite a bit lately, and it’s a lot more fun and competitive when you actually know who you’re competing against. I would use OpenFeint to provide support for those features, and would migrate the existing leaderboards to OpenFeint as well (as long as they provide some method for doing that).

      • Greg says:

        Hi Michael,

        YES! I do like the idea of two high score lists VERY much!

        – last week – with repeatings (as it is now; to give the MagicMvL’s and Hueg’s their bullfighting arena)
        – all time best – just one entry with record date per name (for those like me 😉 )

        I could hardly await the new version!

        Best regards

  5. Greg says:

    Hi Michael,

    here is an other improvement idea:

    Could you add a short (and unobtrusive) sound to the lock/rotate-button?

    Perhaps a “klick” if switched to lock-mode and a “schhh” for rotate or something like this.

    The sound should just give a (acoustic) feedback, so that I do not need to verify if I really hit
    the mode button. If I’m not verifying it I very often lock, unlock, lock a pipe piece instead of
    turning it before recognizing the wrong mode … which costs “a lot of time” :…-( and prevent
    me from gaining a good high score … =:-))

    What’s your opinion to this? Hard to do? Or easy to implement? … Coming soon to the App-Store?

    Best regards

  6. Mario says:


    Do you need any help in translations into Japanese?

  7. David says:

    Hi. Any plans for a version for the iPad?

    • I’ll probably make an iPad version, but I’m not sure when. The current version does work on the iPad; it just doesn’t look very pretty in 2X mode.

      • fil says:

        i have my iPad jailbroken and use the cydia program “fullforce” to get pipes in iPad size. that works very good and looks quite nice.

        @michael, i am a graphic designer and – as much as i like playing pipes – i am not really amazed by the actual look of your pipes. i would like to make some new tile designs if you send me the original?

        • @fil – Thanks for the offer, but I’m really not making enough from selling Pipes to be able to offer you anything in return. If I were to use your graphics in the game, I could add a “Credits” screen to the game and list you there… if you’re still interested, let me know.

  8. Steffen says:

    mr kerley, eversince iOS4 came out, my ipod touch (latest generation) will not display the online highscores anymore. it shows only a white screen where the scores should be shown.

    i don’t know if only my ipod does that, but i would really appreciate if there was some kind of update planned to eliminate that bug.

    PS: i read that stuff about the suggestion for improving the highscores…to be honest, i would not have as much fun with Pipes anymore if the highscores only showed the best entry for each player. i mean, why play again when you are #1 on every board (except those, where those negative or almost impossible results were scored…

    • Thanks for reporting that score bug – I didn’t know that was happening. I see it on my phone too. I’ll try to fix it ASAP.

      • I fixed the high score display. I also hid the duplicate scores – nobody is #1 on all the boards, so I think there will still be a challenge. I see you at #1 on a few of the board sizes, but you still have wraparound mode and one color mode to dominate 🙂

        I also wiped out the negative scores. I’m not sure if they’re caused by a bug in the game, or a bug in the high score server. I’ve never actually gotten a negative score in my testing.

  9. Diana Park says:

    Hi – I too would love to see an iPad version. I just bought one and my iPhone version doesn’t display properly – I only see a 4×4 grid of pipes and I can’t scroll around the board at all (and needless to say, my board size is set larger than this!). I would love to play this on the bigger screen – thanks!

    • Diana says:

      Please disregard my previous post – I didn’t realize that Pipes DID reset the game board to 4×4 when I transferred it to the iPad. I’d still love to see the game fill the screen without fuzzies or pixellation though!

  10. Lemon says:

    Hello, I love playing this game, but so far I only have the Lite version. I think the game will look and feel better if you add a quick animation for when the pipe rotates. It will make the game feel more smooth.

    Also, more colors to choose from (themes, I guess) and then the game will be perfect. 🙂

  11. Nifty little game you got going here. I suspect you made this software, right?

    I have a few apps myself but not something as complex as your game with the puzzles. Wish I could learn more.

    Keep up the good work Michael.

  12. Koenigsegg says:

    Hey dude,
    When I had a simple phone I really enjoyed playing Pipes in java.
    Now, I have an Android-based phone, and, unfortunately, Pipes is only developed for the iPhone…
    Have you ever thought about developping your game for the Android system ?

  13. Please disregard my previous post I didn’t realize that Pipes DID reset the game board to 4×4 when I transferred it to the iPad. I’d still love to see the game fill the screen without fuzzies or pixellation though!

  14. Directory Search says:

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  15. Gary Mulholland says:

    HI there Michael. I used to love playing Pipes on my old Motorola and Nokia phones….now I have it on iPhone and love it again! Is there any chance you could update this app for the increased size of the iPhone 5 screen?

    • Hi Gary,
      Yes, I do plan to update for iPhone 5 and for iPad as well. I know both updates are way overdue. Thanks for your patience!

      • Gary says:

        Thanks for replying Michael. That is such good news! Really looking forward to it.


        • Mathias says:

          Pipes is one of the first games I ever bought for iOS. And I am still playing it years later now.

          I am looking forward to an iPad HD version and am willing to pay for it (again).


  16. Tim Hamblin says:

    Just purchased full version of Pipes. Playing on my iPhone SE (running IOS 10.2.1), you complete a level, and then an empty white dialog box opens at the top of the screen. You are then unable to select anything else in the game, and have to close the program to play another level.

  17. Mark Löcker says:

    Hi Michael,

    when do you upgrade to 64 bit? I don’t won’t to miss the game.


    Sorry, for my rusty english.

  18. Wirnsfried says:

    Dear Michael,
    I do hope you will update for IOS11. Love this game!
    Kind regards

  19. Christian says:

    Please update the game such that it will survive the next iOS update!
    Great game!

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