Pipes (J2ME)

November 11th, 2008 7:35 PM PST
Updated January 9th, 2010 9:13 PM PST

Pipes on the worlds ugliest phone

Rotate the pipe segments to connect all the pieces. Features a resizable board, randomly generated puzzles, and auto save and resume. Easy to learn… and yes, every puzzle can be solved.

This is a mobile phone game, not a Windows/Linux/Mac/whatever game. It should work on any J2ME-compatible phone.  I have gotten responses from several people (thanks!) with several different phone models that worked. Rather than list them all, I’ll just say that I haven’t heard of any J2ME-compatible phones that didn’t work.  A few examples of J2ME-compatible phones:

  • Blackberry
  • Most Windows-based phones
  • Many Nokia phones


Moving the cursor
Directional buttons/joystick, or 2/4/6/8 number keys
Rotating pipes
OK button (usually in the middle of the directional buttons), or 1/3 number keys
Adjusting the difficulty/resizing the board
Select “Resize” from the menu
Zoom in/out (new in version 1.1.2)
# / * buttons

For the easiest installation, point your phone to mobile.kornhornio.net. If you don’t like that, you can always try downloading to your computer and installing over Bluetooth or whatever your phone supports.

Download JAD file to your computer
Download JAR file to your computer

Update: Looking for new features or support for new phones, or interested in helping to improve Pipes?

55 Responses to “Pipes (J2ME)”

  1. Eddie says:

    I downloaded the game and have played it. I can’t read the help file. It’s a bit different than the old, original Pipes game. When does the stuff start to flow? How do you “Start a New Game”? All I can do is rotate pieces but there never seems to be a start/end with anything flowing, so how do I know if I win?

    • Mike.
      I love this game and have been playing it for a couple years or more now. thing is, it has worked on every phone I’ve ever had and many of my friends and families too. but, now my newest phone. I currently have a full touchscreen windowsmobile unit. Samsung Omnia2. it has no buttons. and the onscreen keyboard covers half the game screen. is it possible for you to integrate full touchscreen support? Or perhaps, a wimno version using accelerometer for Dpad.? Even so, Thanks heaps for this excellent game I’ve really enjoyed.

      • Raphael says:

        Hasn’t it a “rotate” button at screen? I use it in a Palm (touchscreen, of course) and it has “Rotate”, “Reset”, “Resize” and “…” buttons. (The last one to activate a drop down menu). Or maybe you can draw a “1” to rotate. Try it…

  2. mkerley says:

    That’s a different type of pipe game. I think it’s commonly known as Pipe Dream or Pipe Mania.

    In this version of Pipes, the goal is to connect all the pieces (by rotating them) into one big network of Pipes.

    • susan says:

      congratulations for this simple and funny game! 🙂

      please give me some help because im in faculty doing this exact game and im having dificulties with the java code
      can oyu tell me where can i find bits of code or some code about this game?
      thank you a million!

  3. Dom says:

    Hi there

    Just wondering if there will be a version of this for the BlackBerry Storm. That would be awesome!

  4. Hi Dom,
    I don’t have any plans for a BB Storm version. If there is enough demand, I may consider it.

  5. Ceryon says:

    2 suggestion.

    1) Is it possible to color the open ends of the green pipes in an other color?
    2) What about a high-score counting the times all tiles have been rotated? Alternative using the solving time.

    I like this game – and so my 5 year old son does. He plays it every evening when going to bed instead of listening a book that I am reading for him. 🙂

    Thanks 4 it.


  6. Daniel Hansen says:

    Este juego es magnífico! para resolverlo hace falta atención e inteligencia. Me distrae, me trae la necesaria paz en un momento de corte de la actividad diaria. Felicitaciones a sus creadores!! Daniel Hansen de Córdoba, República Argentina, daniel31hansen@yahoo.com.ar

  7. susduj says:

    love the game, i had it on every phone i own, on my newest phone the shadow 2009 the zoom feature doesnt work as the # is maped to the caps button. and * to the sym key. i like to see the features of the iphone ver on the j2me version.

  8. Raith says:

    Hiya. First thing i do on a new phone is install pipes. Great to play when you’re sitting on the loo! I have a number of sub games that i’d love to see you add rules for: Only allowed to touch a piece once. Spiral in using single-touch. Space invader down single-touch. Centre piece out. The tricky ‘once connected must stay connected’ rule. Shortest path from corner to corner via the centre. My favourite and strangest variation is the ‘liquid level’ where you have to single-touch set the pieces to allow the green to act like a liquid, flowing downwards and then sideways, not allowed to defy gravity! I am allowed to see the level before choosing a set of rules. It’s cool coz it encourages you to do more in your head! I’m just about to download your latest j2me version to play on my sony ericsson k660i. Thanks for entertaining me and saving my brain from stagnation! Cheers mate.

  9. Martin says:

    Hello. Great game. Had been looking for a good distraction for a while. Excellent game and well coded. I run it on several of my Nokia phones. Works flawlessly on all o them. Thanx for the game. Wanted to ask, are the levels predefined or calculated at run time? If calculated, i’m impressed with the quick rendering of new maps. Doesn’t seem to take any time at all.

  10. Harpreet says:

    Hello Michael,
    Thanks for the nice and interesting game.

    There seems to be a problem on resizing the board size.
    Suppose your board gets bigger than the screen size on zooming then on using reset, some of the pipe pieces remain bigger in size but some shrink to original size. I have tested it only on my 7310. Don’t know if it’s relating to my phone only.

  11. Henrik says:

    Hello, my name is Henrik. I am a pipesoholic.

    I use Sony Ericsson T610 for Pipes. Since it runs slowly at large grid sizes, I’d like to know if it is possible to play Pipes (J2ME) on my Windows XP laptop.

    • Hi Henrik,
      You could use the emulator from the J2ME development kit, but that’s not the easiest thing to set up. There’s a Yahoo widget version here (not made by me) but it’s limited to 8×8 puzzles.

  12. el_mako says:

    Hi, I love pipes and I’d like to give a suggestion. When puzzles become bigger it’s hard to keep track of what you have already accomplished. I suggest to add a function key to set a piece of pipe as “fixed”, like something similar to flags in minesweeper. Sometimes you know that you have a certain piece of pipe right, and in that case you could press a key to make it turn into another color, like blue, just so you know that you don’t have to rotate it anymore. If you do rotate that pipe then it turns red again. This is a simple feature that would mean a lot of help in bigger puzzles, because sometimes it’s hard to remember which tiles are ok, and which ones you need to work with. At some point, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of all you have done. Please consider it!

    • bart9h says:

      I came here to ask for this same thing.

      Also, consider opening the source code, so other programmers could implement new stuff / fix things.

  13. Pablo says:

    Michael, I am a .NET developer and I love this game…I was wondering if you where interested in developing a .NET version that could run on a desktop? If so i would be willing to donate my time to do the port myself!

    Thanks for a great game!

  14. Raphael says:

    It seems like Pipes iPhone version has a score or pontuation. Does this version has something like this? Or maybe a timer to say “You Win in xx minutes and yy seconds” instead of only “You win”?

    It’s an adictive game and I can’t stop playing it.

    PS: I packed it to a Palm Os version using Palm tools. If you’d like, I can send you a copy. Some JAR programs work fine when ported to Palm, others don’t. Pipes works as good as it was in common phones. Or even better, as the screen is a lot bigger!

  15. Akram says:

    Nice game,
    I had version 1.1.2
    I’m playing this game with Sony Ericsson w660i
    I found a bug:
    when you keep zooming out(with *), you’ll stuck and it won’t respond. then you need to end application, but when you try to start it again you’ll get …. well, you need to check it out.

  16. David says:

    Hey man, your game rocks 🙂 thx for this good piece of work.

  17. Loui says:

    i can’t installed the new j2me pipes game(application error). download @getjar, @your website… same problem, i’m using Motorola Z3. i dont have this problem when i installed an older pipes game(a year ago)… and Yes i already delete the old ver.pipes (Aaaarrgg!!). guess im gonna trying download with pc (jad and jar). and where Can i download the older ver. pipes? Thanks and Godbless.

  18. Sebastien says:

    Love this game I played it on my previous blackberry 8830, I now have a Storm, really sad that this game is not compatible with it!

    Are you planning to make a storm version, ready to pay for that anytime!

  19. WC Leung says:

    I recommend a button (e.g. 7) to highlight & lock the position of a specific piece.
    In this way I can know that which parts of the question is solved.

  20. WC Leung says:

    BTW, the puzzle is a pre-generated spanning tree. It seems easy even for a 23×23 puzzle. (I used less than half a hour to solve it).

    I wonder if it makes the puzzle more difficult by adding a few cross-links to the spanning tree.

  21. Arthur says:

    Great game. I had a lot of fun on my old Nokia e50.
    Now I downloaded on my new phone Nokia 5800, and “joystick” (on touch screen) doesn’t rotate pipe.
    there is any chance that you fix this bug?
    Anyway – thanks for game

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  23. Jeff says:

    This was the first install on every Blackberry I’ve owned, but there is no Storm/Storm 2 version, so no I’m forced to do without 🙁

  24. Nan says:

    I had this game on my old blackberry and just got a new one. I love this game! First thing I had to do was see if I could find it again! I love the different sizes of grids! My daughters love it too (ages 17 and 11). Thanks for the best game ever and FREE!!!!!!

  25. In response to all those asking for a Blackberry Storm version, or other new features:

  26. Norimael says:


    A version touchscreen for 240×400 is possible ? I love this game and I have a Samsung S8000 Jet, I ‘m so happy if I can have a new version…
    Sorry, I’m french and I don’t speak english very well :s

  27. reapur says:

    I love this game. It’s been my fav on my sonyericsson phones for years.
    But now i have a nexus one…
    Any chance getting either version to work on the nexus one? or maybe a version for us google phoners?


  28. caramelsmilez says:

    hi i love the game and am using it on a nokia 6790 (symbian s60 v3) and it plays great. The only issue is that the ok/center key functions like the left soft key, bringing up the menu. Also the 1 and 3 do not rotate. So to rotate pieces, its more of a “double click” to rotate and can only rotate in the default directions. Also some sort of “high score” feature would be awesome! It would most definitely add to the addictingness of the game.
    Ps. If you look @ a picture of my phone, both of the button issues may b associated with the layout of the phone. But if that is the case, are any other qwerty users having this issue??

  29. Ice says:

    Hi, This is a great game. Thank you for the work you’ve put into it and for freely sharing it. Now my phone can be used for something useful!!!

  30. Sajol says:

    Hi, this is a very good game. I would like to have a PC version. Also some other features can be added like time, records etc.

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  33. Oren Chapo says:

    Thanks for this addictive game. I’ve been playing it on my Nokia phone for over a year now.

    Since I love the game so much, I’ve ported it as a MediaPortal plugin (C#). I’ve used your base classes and added my own touch (multiple levels, scoring system, timed game, sound effects).

    You’re of course credited as the source for my plugin, and my plugin source is available to the public.

    Additional information is available at:

    • That’s awesome! 🙂 I may have to check out MediaPortal just so I can try your version.

      Thanks for giving me credit – I really appreciate that. I’m going to bump your post to the front page of my site, so hopefully a few more people will see your work.

  34. rvprksh says:

    This is a wonderful game. I loved it on my old Nokia 6020 phone. But when I installed it on newer Nokia N-series phones, the OK button instead of rotating a piece, just shows up the options menu which I can get using the left softkey also. The game worked fine on Nokia 6020 and the OK button properly rotated the piece. It would be so much nicer if I could get the rotate function back to the OK button in newer phones.

  35. thespread says:

    I just want to add to the praise this game is getting. It’s simple but excellent. In all honesty, this game has helped me through some tough times; there was a night I was staying in a rough hotel with noisy neighbours and in sweltering heat since the radiator was broken and wouldn’t turn off. I had to be up early the next day. It was a really awful night, and I was in desperate need of a distraction. All I had on me was my phone with this little game on it. I must have played it for about an hour straight that night. It really helped me chill out and get to sleep, and ever since then it’s had a very soothing effect for me. I just did a phone update, and to my horror the Pipes game was deleted in the process, but thankfully I found it here again fairly easily. So, thanks a lot 🙂

  36. andrew tetley says:

    hi Michael I’ve got your pipes games on my E71 its brilliant! My girlfriend has a samsung3050 phone and is desperate for it to her phone. is that possible as I’m not up on the technical stuff and don’t understand what to try download or even if it’s worth the down load!?
    I look forward to your reply, sincerely Andy

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  38. Rolf says:

    I love this game. I have been using it for years on and off…

  39. Pipes says:

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  40. Brilliant! I’ve played 1000s of flash games on my laptop, but until I recently bought an LG-T310 I’d never played games on a phone. Well, my T310 now has ONE game – yours, and by the looks of it I won’t need any more. I look forward to a 3-day Greyhound trip next month, with (a paperback! and) Pipes to keep me busy. 😉
    But – I have a problem. I’ve searched your site here for “paypal” or “donations” but can find nothing. I want – I NEED to send you a small appreciation for your effort in producing such an excellent game, and making it available for free. WHERE, please ? 🙂

    • Thanks – I’m really glad you like the game 🙂 I don’t have a J2ME phone anymore, so I won’t be adding any more features to this version. Though it is open source, so maybe somebody else will. If you still want to donate, I’ve added a PayPal “Donate” button in the left-hand menu.

      Thanks again!

  41. P.S. I’ve now explored more, and equipped my phone with about 20 other various games too. But Pipes will always have been The First! (I played it again tonight, and still think it’s a marvellous game, both the concept and the execution. Though I WOULD like a Top 10 or Hi Score – i.e. shortest time – list of some sort. lol)

    But still seeking your PAYPAL account, or other method.

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