Rotate the pipe segments to connect all the pieces. Features a resizable board, randomly generated puzzles, and auto save and resume. Easy to learn… and yes, every puzzle can be solved.

This is a mobile phone game, not a Windows/Linux/Mac/whatever game. It should work on any J2ME-compatible phone. I have gotten responses from several people (thanks!) with several different phone models that worked. Rather than list them all, I’ll just say that I haven’t heard of any J2ME-compatible phones that didn’t work. A few examples of J2ME-compatible phones:

  • Blackberry
  • Most Windows-based phones
  • Many Nokia phones


  • Moving the cursor
    • Directional buttons/joystick, or 2/4/6/8 number keys
  • Rotating pipes
    • OK button (usually in the middle of the directional buttons), or 1/3 number keys
  • Adjusting the difficulty/resizing the board
    • Select “Resize” from the menu
  • Zoom in/out (new in version 1.1.2)
    • #/* buttons

For the easiest installation, point your phone to If you don’t like that, you can always try downloading to your computer and installing over Bluetooth or whatever your phone supports.

Download JAD file to your computer
Download JAR file to your computer

Update: Looking for new features or support for new phones, or interested in helping to improve Pipes?