What’s New in Pipes 1.4

  • Added two new board sizes: Super Insane (48x60) and Mega Insane (56x70)
  • Added piece locking feature
  • Added tutorial on how to play and basic strategies
  • Rewrote graphics engine for much smoother zooming/scrolling on larger board sizes

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Technical junk for my fellow iPhone nerds

The most interesting and difficult part of this update for me was the graphics engine rewrite. Basically I switched from using standard 2-dimensional rendering (based on CoreGraphics) to OpenGL-based rendering. I suspect that CoreGraphics doesn’t provide much hardware acceleration, while OpenGL obviously does.

I don’t have a benchmark of the old rendering engine handy, but it was somewhere in the neighborhood of 10-15 FPS during a zoom operation on the Insane board size. Using OpenGL, I’m able to get 50-60 FPS on Insane (according to the OpenGL ES tool in Instruments). That’s why I was able to add 2 larger board sizes in this release; my old rendering engine simply couldn’t have handled them adequately.

I’m using a sprite sheet to render all the pipe shapes using a single OpenGL texture. This optimization completely eliminates texture state switching, which helps to keep things running nice and fast. Also, I’m building up all the vertex/texture data and then rendering each frame with a single call to glDrawArrays. I’m sure there are other things that could be done to optimize things even further (probably switching to glDrawElements for starters), but I’m still fairly new to OpenGL, and still learning. If I find a way to speed things up more, I’ll add at least one even more devious and demented board size to the game.